Paulley Architects have produced masterplans for healthcare, education and commercial projects. Full consideration is given to environmental factors, infrastructure and access requirements, landscape and ecological issues.

On projects of varying size, up to 200 acres, Paulley Architects have identified development opportunities and matched these against UDP requirements. Detailed consultations with planning authorities have resulted in agreed development control plans which allow clients to plan for future estate development with confidence.

The Darenth Park estate now accommodates the new 400-bed Darent Valley Hospital, designed by the practice. The original masterplan by Paulley Architects also includes a 100 acre public country park, a 300 residence new 'village' development, accommodation for 200 hospital staff, auxiliary healthcare buildings and provision for future hospital expansion. A full site development control plan was developed and a scale model was submitted to the Planning Department depicting the existing mature landscape and showing the relationships of the proposed building developments to the site's physical geography.



Darenth Park site plan

For a 20 acre site in Essex a masterplan was produced depicting the development opportunities for a new headquarters building for a car component manufacturer. Proximity to existing roads and buildings was considered together with the environmental impact of the new facility. Highway engineering and landscape design influenced the approach to the proposed architectural forms.
Site plan Site potential diagram  
Analysis diagram


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